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    Choosing the Best Metal Roofing Tools

    As metal standing seam roofs continue to grow in popularity, metal roofing has become the fastest-growing sector in the roofing industry. As such, it is also a very competitive space, and roofers are constantly looking for ways to speed up workflow without compromising quality. Choosing the best metal roofing tools can make all the difference in keeping time and labor costs manageable on the job site. Let’s look at some of the qualities you should be looking for in the best heavy-duty metal roofing tools.

    User-Friendly Metal Roofing Tools

    User-friendliness is a key factor in choosing roofing tools. Whether you’re notching seams, cutting panels, or hemming eaves and valleys, you want tools in place that even “newbies” on your job site can use safely, consistently, and preferably without help. This frees up your skilled craftsmen for the tasks of installation. User-friendly metal roofing tools mean you can allocate your labor as needed. At Swenson Shear, we manufacture the most user-friendly metal roofing tools for both exposed fastener metal roofs, standing seam, and stone coat metal roofs.

    Prepare Sheet Metal Roof Panels with Consistent Quality

    Another factor to consider in choosing the best metal roofing tools is its ability to produce consistent quality. If your sheet metal panel cuts are coming out with rough edges, burrs, incorrect angles, or uneven seams, for example, you must use hand tools like aviation snips, pliers, and hand seamers to correct those issues and get the clean cuts and seaming quality you want. Unfortunately, dealing with snips and hand seamers eats up time you can’t spare. That is why metal roofers must look for metal cutting tools, hemming tools, and notching tools that do exactly what they are intended to do, while at factory-level standards.

    Lightweight and Easily Transportable Metal Roofing Tools

    Can your metal roofing tools be transported easily to any job site? Tools that are large, heavy and cumbersome may often need to be left offsite. Unfortunately, the distance between preparation and installation adds up to additional time, labor, and fuel costs. That’s why the best metal roofing tools should be lightweight and easily towable, so you can always bring your tools to any metal roofing job site without a problem.

    The All-in-One Cutting, Notching, Hemming Tool for Standing Seam Roofs

    One of the biggest drawbacks of sheet metal tools is that you often need a different tool for every stage of preparation. Typically, taking a standing seam metal panel through the process of notching, cutting and hemming requires multiple tools that must be towed to the job site using several trucks — not to mention the additional labor required to operate the tools. If all those functions could be combined into one tool, you could save time and expense from many different directions.

    At Swenson Shear, we go the extra mile to make sure our metal roofing tools can save roofing contractors exponentially in time and labor costs. That’s where the SnapTable PRO® comes in. The SnapTable PRO was designed to meet all the qualities that metal roofers look for in choosing the best heavy-duty metal roofing tools. This tool produces metal roofing panels for straight cuts and angle cuts with factory-level results and remarkably consistent clean cuts and seaming that cuts your costs significantly in the long run. Best of all, it is lightweight, easily towable, and combines the entire sheet metal panel preparation process into one user-friendly workstation.

    Say Goodbye to Manual Metal Snips — Learn More About Swenson Shear’s High-Quality Metal Roofing Tools

    To request a quote for the towable SnapTable PRO or our other high-quality metal shears, contact [email protected] or call (877) 588-8748.

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