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    Soffit Siding Shear – M20


    Soffit Siding Shear – M20

    The Soffit & Siding Shear is the premier tabletop shear ideal for cutting siding, metal shingles or soffit. The 20″ blade delivers a clean cut by eliminating burred edges and flying metal.


    • Premier tabletop shear
    • Ideal for: light -gauge soffits metal shingles, siding
    • Different blade sets needed for each profile
    • Features an interchangeable blade to accommodate a variety of manufactures’ panel profiles

    Weight: 55 lbs
    Max gauge: 24 gauge
    Cut length capacity: 20”

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    Blade Information
    Panel Size:
    This shear delivers clean cuts up to 20”
    Recommended Panel Thickness:
    24 gauge
    Each shear comes with one set of blades attached to the shear. Blades are custom made to match the soffit or siding panel profile needed.
    55 lbs

    Switching Blades:
    Switching between blade sets takes only a few minute.
    All that is needed is 3/16″ Allen Wrench and 1/2″ wrench.
    Lifetime of Blades:
    Blades have been shown to last for thousands of cuts with proper care.
    Blade Information Capabilities
    Straight Blade: This tabletop shear will create clean cuts with its 20” blade
    Interchangeable Blade Sets:  The blade set can be changed to accommodate a variety of manufactures’ panel profiles
    Ideal For: Light-gauge soffits, metal shingles, siding