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    Swenson Shear’s Towable SnapTable Pro Cuts Time, Costs, and Metal

    What’s the better deal: asphalt shingles or metal roofs?

    While most potential customers believe asphalt shingles are the only inexpensive roofing choice available, many homeowners have discovered that due to their superior durability and reliability, the initial cost outlay for standing seam metal roofs will result in a greater pay off in the long run. After all, proper maintenance will keep metal roofs in great shape for 30 to 50 years. But when roofers invest in cutting-edge roofing equipment, installations can be made less expensive, and may bring them one step further to closing that metal roof deal.

    The newest innovation in metal roofing:

    Swenson Shear offers a variety of innovative tools designed to speed processes, improve quality, and ease the difficulty of metal panel preparation and installation. But there is nothing like Swenson Shear’s Towable SnapTable Pro, the all-in-one preparation system for standing seam metal roofing that provides roofers with an even more cost-effective way to install metal roofs.

    The Towable SnapTable Pro is a fantastic investment for roofers. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and available only through Swenson Shear, the Towable SnapTable Pro provides the highest quality notching, slitting, and hemming for any commercial, industrial, or residential job, virtually paying for itself in 250 square cuts (25,000 sq. ft.) – and even faster with valley cuts! In addition, it will save you an average of 35% in labor costs. Because of the life of the machine, you’ll end up with a 25-40% return on investment. The Towable SnapTable Pro is the all-in-one panel preparation system for standing seam metal roofing you have been looking for to make your installations easier and more economical. You simply cannot afford not to have this cutting-edge metal-cutting machine.

    The Towable Snap Table Pro not only ensures precision while accommodating panels between 12” and 24”, but it is also equipped to notch, slit, and hem up to 60” offsets for hip-valley roofing cuts. This metal roofing innovation is ideal for lite to 20-gauge panel thickness, including Cor-Ten (1”, 1½ “), Nail Strip (1”, 1½”, 1¾”), SnapLock (1”, 1½”, 2”), Mechanical Seam, and Zip-Rib, just to name a few. In addition, the towable option meets Department of Transportation standards, is powder-coated with a two-inch ball hitch, and weighs approximately 1,800 lbs.

    So, the question is, would you prefer to continue doing everything by hand, or are you ready to have a competitive advantage? Improve quality, cut costs, save time, bid on more jobs, and bring in more customers. The choice is clear, bring in the Snap Table Pro form Swenson Shear!

    To learn more about how Swenson Shear can help your roofing company save time and money, request a quote by clicking here, or contact Morgan via email at [email protected] or phone at (209) 417-1582.