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    How to Hem a Standing Seam Panel with a SnapTable PRO

    Creating accurate, precise hems on a standing seam metal roof panel can be challenging and time consuming using traditional methods and tools. Thankfully, the eave and valley hemmer on the SnapTable PRO makes it easy to hem the eaves and valley cuts on your panel with remarkable precision.

    Watch the how-to videos below to see how to create hems in seconds using the SnapTable PRO:

    How to Hem a Standing Seam Panel

    1. Adjust the positions of the shoes on the hemmer by tightening/loosening them with a 3/16 Allen wrench. This helps create even pressure across the panel when you create your hem.
    2. You want to make sure the panel hits square and tight against the fencing when you insert it into the hemmer to make a clean hem. You may need to snip the panel manually at the appropriate angle to ensure this happens.
    3. Place the panel into position and lock it down.
    4. Rotate the lever to create the hem.

    How to Do an Up Hem

    It’s also possible to create an up hem on the SnapTable PRO with some minor adjustments. Watch the video below to see how this is done.

    1. Open the hemmer and pull out the hemmer blade until it rotates over.
    2. Rotate the lever half way and lock it in place using the clamping handle.
    3. Insert your panel, lining up the front of the rib with the edge of the tabletop.
    4. Clamp down the panel.
    5. Lift the handle slightly, grab the rotator blade and position it against the table so it sits flat underneath the panel.
    6. Lift the handle all the way up to create the up hem.
    7. Open the clamp and rotator at the same time to release the panel and pull it out.

    Learn More About Swenson Shear’s Hemmer Tool on the SnapTable PRO

    The eave and valley hemmer on Swenson Shear’s SnapTable PRO makes it easy to create consistent, precise hems in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. The hemmer is also available for sale individually. To request a quote for the eave and valley hemmer or our towable SnapTable PRO, contact [email protected] or call (877) 588-8748.

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