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    Stone Coat Tools

    What Is Stone Coat Roofing?
    Why Swenson Shear?
    Our Roofing Tools

    What Is Stone Coat Roofing?

    Unlike traditional steel roofing systems, stone-coated metal roofing provides an excellent way to enjoy the durability of metal roofing combined with the aesthetic beauty of many different roofing styles. The roof consists of high-gauge sheet metal panels that are installed, secured, then coated with stone chips resembling shingles, clay tile, slate, cedar shake or other roofing materials.

    While stone coated steel roofs cost more in time and money to install, they are valued for the following benefits:

    • Variety of styles: Stone coated steel offers the greatest variety of styles than any other type of metal roofing — and the greatest amount of curb appeal.
    • Durable: Stone-coated roofs stand up well to the elements like heavy rain, wind and snow.
    • Longevity: Properly installed, stone coated steel roofs can easily last 40 years or longer.
    • Energy efficiency: Stone coated steel reflects the sun’s heat, resulting in substantial savings on energy usage.

    Why Swenson Shear?

    Since 1959, Swenson Shear has been the go-to provider of quality roof products and tools for the professional roofer. Swenson Shear designs and manufactures tools for exposed fastener roofs, stone coat roofs and standing seam roofs. All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., and our goal is always 100-percent customer satisfaction.

    To learn more about our metal roofing tools and related products, contact Swenson Shear today.

    Our Roofing Tools

    Swenson Shear makes two tools specially designed to simplify stone coated steel roof preparation: the Stone Coat Cutter and the Base and Ridge Bender.

    Stone Coat Cutter
    Base and Ridge Bender

    The Stone Coat Cutter makes perfect cuts to many types of stone coated metal, including roof shingles, roofing tiles and longer panels. Its 34-inch blade is double-edged and reversible to effectively double its life span.

    This powerful combination tool bends stone coated steel panels up to 55″ long. It consists of a base bender for bending at the rakes, side walls, hips and valleys, and a ridge bender for use anywhere else a bend it needed at the panels.