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    Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

    By definition, an exposed fastener metal roof system is one in which the metal panels are fastened directly to the structure by fasteners which are left visible to the eye. Affordable and easy to install, exposed fastener roofs frequently use corrugated metal and, when cut and installed properly, can be very attractive, also. Exposed fastener roofs frequently appear on agricultural and industrial structures, but they are often used on residential buildings, as well.

    Contractors and building owners often choose exposed fastener roofing for the following advantages:

    • Fast installation: Their connection design saves time and labor to install.
    • Economical: Exposed fastener systems are more affordable than standing seam roofs.
    • DIY-friendly: The simple design is easy to install, even for the untrained.
    • Variety of styles: Exposed fastener systems accommodate both modern/industrial and vintage roofing designs.

    About Swenson Shear

    Specializing in great products for professional roofers since 1959, Swenson Shear is the top provider of professional roofing tools worldwide. Swenson Shear designs and manufactures tools for exposed fastener roofs (like the Heavy Duty Pivot Shear and Hip and Valley Roofing Shear), stone coat roofs (like the Stone Coat Cutter and Base and Ridge Bender) and standing seam roofs (like the SnapTable PRO). We are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards, as well as 100 percent customer satisfaction. All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    To learn more about our metal roofing shears and related products for exposed fastener roofing systems, contact Swenson Shear today.

    Our Exposed Fastener Shears

    Swenson Shear makes two cutting tools that are ideal for turning metal sheets into perfect panels for exposed fastener roofs: the Heavy Duty Pivot Shear and the Hip and Valley Roofing Shear.

    Heavy Duty Pivot Shear
    Hip and Valley Roofing Shear

    Versatile and easy to use, the Heavy Duty Pivot Shear is the finest sheet metal cutting tool on the market today. Ideal for cutting exposed fastener panels up to 48″ in width, the pivot shear can produce straight cuts at 90 degrees or up to an 8/12 gable — all factory-grade, free of burred edges and flying metal pieces. The blades are custom made and interchangeable to accommodate many profiles and pitches, and with proper care the blade can produce thousands of flawless cuts over its life span.

    Cut perfect hips and valleys on your exposed fastener metal roof panels every time. The Hip and Valley Roofing Shear can make straight line cuts at 90 degrees up to a 2/12 gable, and can accommodate up to a 9/12 valley on metal panels up to 64 inches in length. Interchangeable replacement blades allow you to handle a wide range of profiles and pitches.