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    Standing Seam Notcher


    The Best Notching Tool for Standing Seam Metal Roofing

    The Swenson Shear Standing Seam Notcher is the ideal tool to cut through the ribs of the metal roofing panels with ease. Say goodbye to hand notchers! This tool creates the perfect cut through your standing seam ribs with little physical effort. It notches the standing seam ribs on both male and female sides of the metal panel in seconds and can accommodate panel from 12″-24″. It can be used for straight cuts as well as angle cuts and features a 29″ offset. The notcher comes with a custom set of dies of your choice. Additional dies can be purchased to accommodate other panel profiles. By running the sheet metal panel halfway through the notchers, you can notch just the ends for your leading and trailing edges. The notchers slide to the left and right depending on what side of the roof you’re going up. Setting up for notching an angle is as easy as locating the desired angle on the degree operator ruler on the machine and then shifting the notcher on the operator side to the correct pitch. The Standing Seam Notcher weighs 350 lbs and is 40″ in length.

    Get the Standing Seam Notcher with the SnapTable PRO

    Are you a standing seam roofer looking for the ultimate metal roofing tool? The Standing Seam Notcher is one of the three components included in the Swenson Shear SnapTable PRO, an all-in-one metal roof panel preparation system. The Snap Table PRO is equipped with the Standing Seam Notcher, as well as a Panel Cutter for consistent, clean cuts and our Eave and Valley Hemmer for effortless hemming. The SnapTable PRO allows you to save time and labor on metal panel preparation by eliminating the need for hand tools like pliers, snips, and hand seamers. is also towable and easily transportable to any jobsite. Learn more about the SnapTable PRO.

    About Swenson Shear

    Based in the USA, Swenson Shear is the #1 international provider of heavy duty metal roofing tools for professional roofers. In addition to roofing tools for standing seam metal roofing, Swenson Shear also designs and manufactures exposed fastener tools (like the Heavy Duty Pivot Shear and Hip and Valley Roofing Shear) and stone coat tools (like the Stone Coat Cutter and Base and Ridge Bender for stone coat shingles).

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    Panel Sizes:

    12 inches – 24 inches

    Notching Offset:

    29 inches

    Suggested Max Metal Panel Thickness:

    20 gauge metal


    The Standing Seam Notcher precisely notches standing seam and Snap Lock metal roof panels to leave a perfect notch within seconds.