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    Straight Cut Shear – M42


    Straight Cut Shear – M42

    Swenson Shear’s Straight Cut Shear is ideal for cutting exposed fastener panels at 90 degrees and can achieve up to a 2/12 gable with the same set of blades. This shear is user-friendly, lightweight and includes one custom blade set for the profile of your choice. Ordering this shear is as easy as letting us know who you buy your metal from and what panel profile(s) you offer. Are you doing more than one panel profile? No problem, this shear features interchangeable blades to accommodate more than one panel profile. Simply order the blade sets that will accommodate your multiple panel profiles.

    With the straight cut shear you can count on a clean cut on your metal roof panel every time –

    • Eliminates burred edges and flying metal on your metal roof panel or sheet metal
    • Makes cutting exposed fastener panels easy
    • Ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels
    • Able to shear straight at 90 degrees and up to a 2/12 gable

    Weight: 100 lbs
    Max gauge: 24 gauge
    Cut length capacity: 42”

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    Panel Size:
    This Straight Cut Shear delivers clean cuts up to 42”
    Recommended Panel Thickness:
    24 gauge
    100 lbs
    Blades are custom made to match the exposed fastener panel profile needed. Separate blades will be needed for each panel profile or to achieve various angle cuts.
    Switching Blades:
    Switching between blade sets takes only a few minutes.
    All that is needed is 3/16″ Allen Wrench and 1/2″ wrench.
    Lifetime of Blades:
    Blades have been shown to last for thousands of cuts with proper care.
    Straight Blade: Able to shear straight at 90º and up to a 2/12 gable
    Interchangeable Blade Sets: The blade set can be changed to accommodate a variety of manufactures’ panel profiles
    Ideal for: Shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels