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    Standing Seam Tools

    Our selection of standing seam tools for roofing is designed for ease of use and uncompromising quality. Even the newest member of your team can operate our electricity-free tools quickly and efficiently, saving your business time and labor costs. 

    If you’re installing a standing seam roof, then you can’t do better than our range of tools, including the popular SnapTable PRO. Read more here about the SnapTable and how it benefits your project.

    What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?
    Our Standing Seam Roof Tools
    About Swenson Shear
    Advantages Of Our Standing Seam Roofing Tools

    What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

    A standing seam roof system consists of metal roofing panels connected by raised (standing) seams on the edges to lock them in place. Unlike the simpler exposed fastener type of roofing, the fasteners are concealed within the standing seams, which protects them from the elements and makes the roof more durable (and, some would argue, more attractive).

    While a bit more cost and labor-intensive than exposed fastener roofing, standing seam roofs offer the following advantages:

    • Durability: Since the fasteners are most vulnerable to wear and weathering, covering them helps make the roof hold up better against the elements.
    • Variety of styles: Standing seam roofs accommodate a variety of colors, panel sizes/shapes and seam styles.
    • Curb appeal: Standing seam metal roofs are increasing in popularity for their sleek, modern appearance.
    • Low maintenance: Metal roofs, in general, are among the easiest roofs to maintain, and standing seam roofs even more so.

    Our Standing Seam Tools

    Prepare factory-grade standing seam roofing panels in seconds, right on the job site! Swenson Shear manufactures an array of standing seam tools designed to save professional roofers time and labor costs in metal roof panel preparation. Each of our tools will help you be more productive, and they’re so user-friendly you can trust them even to your more inexperienced laborers. Best of all, they’re easily towable and require no electricity, so you can bring them to any job site with confidence.

    SnapTable PRO
    Panel Cutter
    Standing Seam Notcher
    Eave & Valley Hemmer

    Eave Master

    The SnapTable PRO combines three of our most popular standing seam tools — the Panel Cutter, Standing Seam Notcher, and Eave and Valley Hemmer — into one extremely versatile and portable workstation. Designed for single-person operation, the SnapTable PRO gives you all-in-one functionality by giving you all the tools you need for on-the-jobsite panel preparation.

    The best sheet metal cutting tool you’ll find anywhere, the Panel Cutter creates a perfect straight edge cut every time. With a max cut length of 60″ and 360-degree rotation, this tool can accommodate a wide range of panel profiles, and it has a dual-edge blade designed to give you thousands of factory-grade panel cuts over its life span.

    Create the perfect cut through your standing seam ribs with minimal physical effort. Eliminating the need for hand notchers, this powerful tool notches the standing seam ribs on both male and female sides of the metal panel in seconds and can accommodate panel from 12-24 inches.

    This powerful metal bending and hemming tool helps you easily create shallow or deep bends on your sheet metal roofing panels without the need for pliers, snips, hand seamers, or other hand tools. Create consistently perfect lines on your hips, eaves, and valleys — in seconds.

    Easily accommodating panels between 12″ – 24″, the Eave Master is equipped provide consistently perfect notches and hems to your eave cuts in seconds. Additional dies are available for different panel profiles.

    About Swenson Shear

    Since our beginnings in 1959, Swenson Shear has grown to become the global leader in providing quality products for professional roofers. In addition to our selection of standing seam tools, Swenson Shear designs and manufactures tools for exposed fastener roofs (like the Heavy Duty Pivot Shear and Hip and Valley Roofing Shear) and stone coat roofs (like the Stone Coat Cutter and Base and Ridge Bender).

    Through our unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to 100 percent satisfaction, we have built a strong sense of customer loyalty and trust. All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    To learn more about our metal roofing products for standing seam roofing systems, contact Swenson Shear today.

    Advantages Of Our Standing Seam Tools

    Why are Swenson Shear’s standing seam tools among the most in-demand tools on the market today? Let’s look at the benefits.

    1. Versatility

    Our tools are designed for use with all types of standing seam metal roof panels, including  Nail Strip, Cor-Ten, Snap Lock panels, Mechanical Seam, Zip-Rib and others. Prepare factory-grade panels in a wide range of sizes and profiles, and do angle cuts for gables, hips and valleys. Whatever you need to do, we have the tools to do it.

    2. User-Friendly Operation

    Our tools are designed for ease of use so even your novice laborers can prepare professional grade panels in seconds.

    3. Single-Person Operation

    Most of our tools, including the SnapTable PRO, are designed so a single worker can operate them–saving you considerable amounts of money in labor costs and allowing you to reallocate labor to the installer process.

    4. Time-Saving Functionality

    Our standing seam tools enable you to repare and cut perfect standing seam metal roofing panels in seconds, rather than minutes.

    5. Lightweight and Towable

    Our tools can be easily towed to any job site, and since no electricity is required, you don’t even need to find a power source.

    6. Consistent Results

    Prepare panels to your specifications, and get them stunningly accurate every time. Your standing seam panels will need little to no adjustment during installation because you’re getting factory-grade results.