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    Cor-Ten Steel

    Since its integration into the Ford Foundation, Time Life Building, and the US SteelTower in the 1960’s, the utilization of Cor-Ten Steel has flourished in metal construction. Uses of this combination of alloys include roofing, facades, fencing and front gates, planters, fountains, and numerous works of art. As it has grown in popularity, installation and preparation of the hardened metal has presented its challenges.

    In 2014 the SnapTableHD has been delivered to two metal roofing firms specified for Cor-Ten Panel, with the first project between national parks near Salina, Utah; utilizing 1 ¾ in Snaplock panels. TheSnapTableHD saved the four man crew a total of 8 days of labor on the home. This is the first in what will be a long line of new Cor-Ten endeavors with the SnapTableHD as the ideal tool for Cor-Ten roofing and siding jobsites. I encourage you to follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages to see other amazing and innovative uses of Cor-Ten Steel!