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    The SnapTable in Action

    Watch the Swenson Shear SnapTable in action to see how this versatile tool can help you. 

    The SnapTable PRO speeds up roof panel preparation and cutting, gives you a precision cut every time, and reduces labor hours on site. 

    Swenson Shear’s top-of-the-range standing seam metal roof-cutting tool doesn’t need electricity, so you can move it to the most convenient location on your work site. Plus, it’s light to tow, making transportation a breeze. 

    The SnapTable is an all-in-one solution and is made up of three components. 

    1. The Standing Seam Notcher is a powerful metal notching tool that creates the perfect cut with little effort. Versatile, this tool notches both male and female sides and can be used for straight or angle cuts with up to a 29-inch offset. 
    2. The Panel Cutter is a premium tool that cuts through metal roofing panels in seconds. The panel cutter can rotate 360° and features a double-edged blade with double the life expectancy. 
    3. The Eave and Valley Hemmer gives you the perfect hem in seconds. Bend sheet metal roofing panels without needing pliers or other hand tools. 

    The SnapTable saves your project time and money. There’s no need to train employees to use the SnapTable; our system is easy to use and can be handled by just one person. Get factory-grade cuts for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time

    The SnapTable is a market-leading metal roof-cutting tool that would benefit any metal roofing project. Learn more about the benefits of the SnapTable PRO Hyper-Lite.  Swenson Shear tools are designed to serve your jobs in years to come. Contact us today for a quote and speak to one of our team for personalized recommendations so you can get the best out of our tools.